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Updated 2021/4/1

Division of Theoretical Physics

The aim of this division is to study theoretically on elementary particles, the most fundamental constituents of the universe, and various physical properties of condensed matter systems.

Elementary Particle Theory

The properties of elementary particles are studied theoretically. The main interests of our research include higher dimensional theories, renormalization group, and supersymmetric theories. ( M. Sakamoto, H. Sonoda )


The origin and evolution of the universe are studied. The main interests of our research include inflation, baryogenesis, gravitational waves, black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and the large scale structure of the universe. ( J. Soda, T. Noumi, )

Condensed Matter Theory

Mechanisms of superconductivity and magnetism in various systems are studied using analytical and numerical methods with emphasis on the view point of spontaneous symmetry breaking and quantum information. ( K. Kuboki, T. Nishino )

Quantum Solid State Physics

Electronic properties of solid states are theoretically investigated to understand the macroscopic quantum phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems such as heavy electron systems. ( H. Harima )

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