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Hidenori SONODA

Ph. D., Caltech, 1985

Associate Professor

Theoretical Physics Group (particle theory)

phone: +81 78 803 5631


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Research Description

My main interest lies in the formal and mathematical aspects of quantum field theory. In the past I have studied chiral lagrangians, string perturbation theory, and conformal field theory. In the past decade or so all my works have been related to the renormalization group in one way or another: more concretely I have worked on a new formulation of field theory in the coordinate space, introduction of geometry (connection) in theory space, high temperature phase transitions, and the Wilsonian exact renormalization group.

Main Publications

  • H. Sonoda, ``Berry's Phase in Chiral Gauge Theories,'' Nucl. Phys. B266(1985)410--422
  • H. Sonoda, ``Sewing Conformal Field Theories, I&II,'' Nucl. Phys. B311(1988)401--416, 417--432
  • H. Sonoda, ``Short Distance Behavior of Renormalizable Quantum Field Theories,'' Nucl. Phys. B352(1990)585--600
  • H. Sonoda, ``On the construction of QED with ERG,'' J. Phys. A40(2007)9675--9690

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