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Updated 2015/4/4


From Kansai Airport to downtown Kobe:

Take a limousine bus bound for Kobe. You will find the bus terminals immediately after exiting the international arrival floor on the ground level. There are many limousines for different final distinations, so make sure you take the right one. It takes about 1+1/2 hours and costs about 2,000 yen. This bus will drop you in front of the Sannomiya train stations, at the center of downtown Kobe. Unless you are familiar with Osaka and Kobe, we do not recommend taking trains from Kansai Airpot.

From downtown Kobe to Physics Department:

First take Hankyu Railway from Sannomiya to Rokko (10 minutes, 200 yen). At Rokko station, take bus #36 bound for "Tsuru-kabuto". Get off at "Shindai bunri-nou" bus stop (10 min., 200 yen), which is in front of the Kobe Univeristy campus where Physics Department is located. It may be easier to take taxi. (5 minutes, approx. 700 yen.)

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