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Toshifumi NOUMI

Ph.D., Univ. of Tokyo, 2013

Associate Professor

Theoretical Physics Group (Theoretical Cosmology)

phoneF +81-78-803-5683


personal web page

Research Description

My research interests focus on cosmology and its connection to fundamental physics. Recent developments in observational experiments have revealed phenomenological aspects of cosmology in an impressive way. In particular they strongly suggest the new paradigms such as cosmic inflation, dark matter and dark energy. Fundamental physics such as particle physics and string theory will play a crucial role in clarifying the mechanism of these phenomena. At the same time, the observational data will provide a probe for high energy frontier. By focusing on such a connection, I would like to contribute to deepening our understanding of the universe and developing the fundamental theory.

Recently, I am focusing on cosmic inflation in particular. I am exploring a way to probe high energy physics using inflation. I am also interested in developing theoretical framework for cosmology based on recent developments in particle physics and string theory.

Main Publications

  • Y. Hidaka, T. Noumi and G. Shiu, "Effective field theory for spacetime symmetry breaking", Phys. Rev. D 92 (2015) 045020.
  • Y. Iimori, T. Noumi, Y. Okawa and S. Torii, "From the Berkovits formulation to the Witten formulation in open superstring field theory", JHEP 1403 (2014) 044.
  • T. Noumi and M. Yamaguchi, "Primordial spectra from sudden turning trajectoryl", JCAP 1312 (2013) 038.
  • T. Noumi, M. Yamaguchi and D. Yokoyama, "Effective field theory approach to quasi-single field inflation and effects of heavy fields", JHEP 1306 (2013) 051.
  • T. Noumi and Y. Okawa, "Solutions from boundary condition changing operators in open superstring field theory", JHEP 1112 (2011) 034.

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