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Ph. D., Osaka University, 1992

Assistant Professor

Particle Physics Group

Room No.324 in the Building No.3 of Graduate Scool for Science and Technology

Phone : +81-78-803-5640

E-mail :

Research Description

In the graduate school, my research projects were the precise measurement of lifetimes of short-lifetime particles (charm and bottom particles) at FNAL (Femi National Accelerator Laboratory), USA, and e^+e^- collider experiment at TRISTAN, KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization), Tsukuba, Japan. My current research projects are K2K (KEK-PS E362: Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment from KEK to Kamioka) and Super-Kamiokande experiments. In addition, we are preparing for the JHF-nu Long-Baseline Neutrino-Oscillation Experiment at J-PARC (Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment from Tokai to Kamioka) as a near future neutrino experiment. The neutrino is one of the most interesting objects to study not only in particle physics but also in astrophysics.

Main Publications

  • ``Determination of Solar Neutrino Oscillation Parameters Using 1496 Days of Super-Kamiokande I Data,'' Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (S. Fukuda et al.) Phys.Lett.B539:179-187,2002
  • ``Detection of Accelerator Produced Neutrinos at a Distance of 250km,'' K2K Collaboration(S.H. Ahn et al.) Phys.Lett.B511:178-184,2001
  • ``Tau Neutrinos Favored Over Sterile Neutrinos in Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Oscillations,'' Super-Kamiokande Collaboration(S. Fukuda et al.) Phys.Rev.Lett.85:3999-4003,2000
  • ``Design, construction, and operation of SciFi tracking detector for K2K experiment,'' A. Suzuki, H. Park et al. Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A453:165-176,2000
  • ``Evidence for Oscillation of Atmospheric Neutrinos,'' Super-Kamiokande Collaboration(Y. Fukuda et al.) Phys.Rev.Lett.81:1562-1567,1998

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