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D. Sci., Kyoto University, 2000

Associate Professor

Research Group: Condensed Matter Experiments


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Research Description

  1. Development of novel measurement techniques in pulsed high magnetic field
    @(micro-cantilever, micro-coil, etc.)
  2. Superconducting properties and pairing symmetry of novel superconductors
  3. Field-induced phase transition of layered low-dimensional conductors

Main Publications

  1.  Angle-dependent magnetoresistance oscillation in the layered perovskite Sr2RuO4@
       E. Ohmichi, H. Adachi, Y. Mori, Y. Maeno, T. Ishiguro and T. Oguchi
       Physical Review B 59 (1999) 7263-7265.
  2.   Torque magnetometry in pulsed magnetic fields with use of a commercial microcantilever
       E. Ohmichi and T. Osada
       Review of Scientific Instruments 73 (2002) 3022-3026.
  3. Application of a tunnel diode oscillator to noncontact resistivity measurement in pulsed magnetic fields
       E. Ohmichi, E. Komatsu, and T. Osada
       Review of Scientific Instruments 75 (2004) 2094-2097.
  4.  Enhancement of irreversibility field in carbon-substituted MgB2 single crystals
       E. Ohmichi, T. Masui, S. Lee, S. Tajima, and T. Osada
       Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 73 (2004) 2065-2068. 
  5. Colossal magnetoresistance accompanying a structural transition in a highly two-dimensional metallic state of Ca3Ru2O7
       E. Ohmichi, Y. Yoshida, S. I. Ikeda, N. Shirakawa, and T. Osada
       Physical Review B 70 (2004) 104414-1-6.

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