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Ph. D., Kyoto Univ. 1990


High Energy Physics Group

phone: +81 78 803 5638


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Research Description

The ATLAS Experiment for the Large Hadron Collider is under construction at the CERN Laboratory in Switzerland. Its goal is to explore the fundamental nature of matter and the basic forces that shape our universe. The main target is a search for Higgs particle, which is the only missing part of the "Standard Model of the elemetary particles" Japanese colleagues is working for the endcap muon trigger chambers (TGC) and scillicon tracker (SCT). We, ATLAS-Kobe group, works for inspection of TGCs which are constructed at KEK.

Main Publications

  • G Aad et al.(ATLAS Collaboration), "Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LH" Phys. Lett. B716 (2012) 1-29
  • H.Sakamoto, H.Kurashige et.al. "Readout system for the ATLAS end cap muon trigger chamber" Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A453 2000
  • K.Hasuko et al. "The First Integration Test of the ATLAS End-Cap Muon Level1 Trigger System" IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 50 2003
  • S.Agostinelli et al. "GEANT4 - a simulation toolkit" Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A506 2003
  • Y.Takeuchi, H.Kurashige@et.al. "Observation of the decay mode KL¨ƒΞ{ƒΞ|e{e|" Phys. Rev. D57 1998@

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